Jamal Khorraminejad was born in Tehran in 1945 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Tehran University with Honors in 1970. Khorraminejad has been active as a University Associate Professor of Art and Painting in Tehran University, Alzahra University, Azad University, The University of Science and Technology and the College of Arts, and has held numerous positions as follows:
  • Chairman of Children Book Illustration festival.
  • Chairman of exhibition of Realist Painters, held at the Museum of Contemporary Arts.
  • Chairman of the exhibitions of Young Iranian Painters.
  • Chairman of the exhibition of Iranian Women Painters.
  • Member of the jury panel to the Iranian Biennial Art Exhibition.
  • Art Deputy of Iranian Art Festival held in Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Member of Jury to the Flowers Painting Exhibition held by Tehran Municipality.
  • Member of jury for Bosnia and Herzegovina Exhibition held in Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran.
  • Member of Jury and selection committee of the Art Exhibition of Iranian Export Development Organization.
  • Member of Jury and selection committee of the Iranian Biennial Miniature Exhibition, held at Iranian Museum of Contemporary Arts.
  • Member of Jury and selection committee of Charity Art Exhibitions held in Tehran.
  • Member of Jury for Realist Exhibition, held in Niavaran Cultural Center. Tehran 2005.
 Solo Art Exhibitions:
  • Solo Painting Exhibition
Classic Gallery, Tehran 1992
  • Solo Painting Exhibition
Classic Gallery, Tehran 1993
  • Solo Painting Exhibition
Vally Gallery, Tehran 2002
 Group Exhibitions:  
  • Jamal Khorraminejad has held over 250 group exhibitions in all renowned Art Galleries in Tehran, including the Museum of Contemporary Arts, Niavaran Cultural Institute, and Azad Complex.
 Exhibitions Abroad:
Besides his numerous domestic solo and group exhibitions, Khorraminejad has held a number of highly successful exhibitions abroad, some of which are:
  • Poster Design Exhibition of Tourism
Italy 1974-75
  • Warsaw Biennial Poster Exhibition
Poland 1976
  • Bangladesh Art Biennial
Bangladesh 1986
  • Bologna International Children's Books illustration Exhibition
Italy 1989
  • Bratislava Children's Book Illustration Biennial
Czechoslovakia 1991
  • Paris Exhibition in the Iranian Art House
France 1994
  • Art Exhibition
Ukraine 1995
  • Art Exhibition
Romania 1995
  • Art Exhibition
Dubai 1998
  • Art Exhibition in Paris
France 2002
  • Solo Painting Exhibition in Paris
France 2003
  • Solo Painting Exhibition in Greece
Greece 2004
  • Solo Painting Exhibition
Sweden 2004
  • Solo Painting Exhibition
Lithuania 2004
  • Solo Painting Exhibition
Kazakhstan 2006
  • First Award winner of Artistic Institutions Festival
  • Award Winner in the Exhibition of Tourism Posters in Italy
  • First Award winner of stand design in Acapulco Tourism Exhibition
  • First Award winner of Poster design for Imposed War
  • Honorary Award from the President of Iran for designing the best War Poster
  • Honorary Award winner from the Iranian Children and Youth Intellectual Development Association
Works held at and owned by Museums:
  • Museum of Contemporary Arts
  • Museum of Azadi Cultural Complex
  • Museum of War Martyrs
  • Imam Ali Museum
Khorraminejad resides in Tehran where in addition to leading an active life as a professional painter, and graphic artist, and holding numerous positions in all art-related fields, has his own art studio and class where he tutors talented Iranian Art students.